Here’s a photo shoot of a superhero / supervillain (she’s young still) that I made up yesterday. Originally, I was going for maybe a future daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn, but then there’s all that legal stuff, so I thought maybe a super-mutant, like the X-men, but then there’s all that legal stuff. Sigh, pop-culture. So she’s neither of those universes (DC or Marvel).

I got the name from one of my favorite DJ’s in the 90’s, DJ Xstacy, but then was, like, legal stuff, so I thought, “What is her superpower?”, and it hit me like a dryer sheet (but not any of the name brands, because, legal stuff).

Anyway, enough of her background. Artistically, it’s a carry over from digital art I did earlier in the week. I’m unapologetically a long hair fan, the more colour (British spelling), the better. What goes well with colour? Art.

So I was, like, “excuse me miss, may I take an impromptu photo shoot of you?,” as she was breaking into a high-rise penthouse of a drug kingpin. She was, like, “Why are you here?” and crackled some lightning ominously. “I’m an observer in your universe, like a Watcher, but not, for legal reasons. Call me ‘The Artist’.” She didn’t fry me right then and there, and allowed photos to be taken, but only of her left side – she’s got some weird hang-up about the right side.

I asked her what her superpower was, to which she replied “Flight, lightning, kick-ass martial arts skills, and I make a mean risotto.” She then crackled some lightning. I was, like, “Woah, do that again! But this time, stand in the classic superhero pose.”

I nervously took the picture after she ominously quipped “What makes you think I’m a superhero?” “Uhh, right,” I said, focusing, and took one more before she went off and totally destroyed the penthouse and all its occupants.

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