Yakuza Babe

Yakuza Babe – DWM looking for SAF Yakuza babe. She’d be about 52 now. Must have PTSD to match my own, or we won’t be able to hold each other through the rain. Have you seen the rain? If so, we’re a match. Don’t have a pinky? I don’t care. Tattoos? Same. Do you clash with society? We’re a match. Downtrodden? Match. Looking for a dude to take you to the jungles of Machu Picchu? The grand library of Timbuktu? The icy slopes of a Nepalese monastery? Match. You provide the personal protection for combat zones. Hotness optional, it’s really what’s in your noggin’. Must like 80’s tunes. I’ll be your biggest fan if you’ll be mine. I don’t need to be the king of the world, as long as I’m the hero of you. Yes, I’ve been drinking.

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