Clever Girl

If I’ve used this title before, after all, there are over 300 of these, a little under 699 away from Van Gogh’s prolific-ness, then I’ll call it something like “Clever Girl, the series.” “But what does it all mean, Basil?,” as Austin Powers says. It’s a continuation of the warrior theme from yesterday. Missed thatContinue reading “Clever Girl”

Boss Fight

When the gig is up and you’ve been discovered sneaking around the evil temple. Hundreds of hooded monks fly into the room, making all sorts of martial arts noises, while playing with their weapons of choice. You draw your sword, toss the sheath, and give the oncoming antagonists a look of confidence, like this isContinue reading “Boss Fight”

Through Glass

Inspired by the song of the same title by Stone Sour, which may have inspired me before thinks critically, but can’t remember, so I’m going with it. Specifically, the lyrics: “I’m looking at you through the glassDon’t know how much time has passedOh God, it feels like foreverBut no one ever tells you that foreverContinue reading “Through Glass”

Most Lichen to Succeed

“Send Lichen Wildbone,” someone in the crowd yelled, and all the other Faery folk quickly agreed. “Cowards,” she mumbled, rising from her seat in the dark corner where she had been sipping potent nectar, the teacup clattering on the table, causing a hush to fall on the room. Moving through the crowd, many stepping backContinue reading “Most Lichen to Succeed”

New Plan – Run

Silene had known this wasn’t going to be easy. Their kingdom had been plagued by a fire-spewing dragon dwelling in a nearby cave / pond, poisoning the countryside. To prevent it from affecting the city itself, the people offered it two sheep daily, then a man and a sheep, and finally their children and youths,Continue reading “New Plan – Run”

The Ghost of Rachel

She grew tired of the questions, her childhood, the overturned turtle. Who did this cop think he was? She was human, 100 percent. She was sure of it. He did not seem so sure, however. This is an homage to one of my favorite scenes in cinema, when Decker Interviews the Replicant Rachel in theContinue reading “The Ghost of Rachel”

Reflections on death and Stuff

It’s a doodle. I just wanted to play around. I’m not sure if it means anything. If I had to stretch and be artsy, how about “The magic that exists at the moment of death? Where all possibilities culminate in a grand new chapter of adventure? Or a simple meal for the bacteria in theContinue reading “Reflections on death and Stuff”

The Secret Lives of Monsters

#ogres, #goblins, #orcs, oh my. They’re all thought to solely exist for the purpose of the hero to come through and butcher them all in the name of some higher good, but they’re more than fodder and dungeon masters should design these other than combat activities into their role-playing games. Whatevs, I figured it wouldContinue reading “The Secret Lives of Monsters”


This #digitalart started as a #doodle but because I watch so many saddening #crime shows, it became about #domesticviolenceawareness For the victim, listen, don’t judge, and offer meaningful help. And for gods sake, if you see something say something, like, to 911. #EndViolence

Nature Finds a Way

She’ll survive us all. She’s the strongest woman we know, she’s nature. Climate change? She’s survived it. High CO2? Easy. Humans, not so much. But she just may have mercy on us when we’ve wiped ourselves off the face of the planet. Here? A post-human photoshoot. We took her trees, her resources, her valuables, butContinue reading “Nature Finds a Way”