Clamoring through the woods, terrified, the turkey hunter spies lights in the distance – safety! Her weapons and phone long gone, ripped from her as the tree branches tore at her clothing in headlong flight. Little did she think going into the woods that Thanksgiving morning, that the birds would have hired muscle to protect them after linking the last Thursday in November to a human ritual involving the disappearance of many of their kind. As she comes to the edge of the forest, mere meters from the busy highway, a cold claw clamps on her wrist and pulls her back into the night, her scream mingling with the airbrakes of a passing semi…

This was a doodle I put together last night, the latest of probably 4 or 5 others I’ve created since moving to Patreon (link). I’m not sure if I like putting my art beyond a paywall, but one has to make a living, right? Anyway, since it’s turkey day / Thanksgiving, I’m throwing fiscal responsibility to the wind and posting one here, accessible to the masses, not just those elites earning $3 dollars a month in disposable income. Happy holiday, if you celebrate it. Happy Thursday if you don’t; but happiness is the main point.

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