Legacy of the Viking

This #painting was inspired by my fascination with #Viking culture. The whole concept of living day to day not knowing whether it was going to be your last seems so much more exciting than being assured  you are getting up today, tomorrow, and the next day, with the firm realiziation that you will be doing PowerPoint or some other banal thing to pay divorce debt. But I digress…

Viking culture, it’s loud, in your face, mystical, even… primal. The #dragon is central to this culture. Níõhöggr, a dragon in the Völuspá; Jörmungandr, the #Midgard Serpent, who will begin #Ragnarök; Fáfnir, of the Völsung Cycle and the Drekki in the Gesta Danorum, are examples of wyrms  that litter #Norse literature and theology.

This artwork is inspired by Norse jewelry design. It also serves as a proof of concept for a path I want to follow; combining manuscript illumination, 3D design, other elements of the Dark Ages… and #cake #decorating.

The composition is mixed media. Really, it’s mostly acrylic paint on canvas, but given depth through the use of gels and such. I also used a spare icing thingy I had laying around. What can I say? Cutting edge?

Anyway, I hope you like it. I’ve taken several types of photos in different light to show off its metallic character. I used a piece of broken blue glass for the eye. In future art, I’m going to use gems and stones and whatnot to give it a Medieval feel.

16×20. It’s for sale.

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