The Ruin

“Kle’itu led the #offworlder to what loosely translated in her language as ‘the #ruin of man’, or, as the strangers had mistranslated, ‘wealth of the people.’ Far out in the #desert it lay, where the mother-ground bleached herself before the twin suns. It was a ritual for the seed-carriers to survive the ancient #temple – and doing so would earn them a place in Ginosean society. Why the offworlder was so interested, Kle’itu did not know.”

I saw something interesting yesterday that fed into #art I’ve been doing for a while, called #bodyscape #artwork – a form of #fantasyart which I decided to combine with #scifi

I actually finished it last night but it was late, so I rendered it this morning.

Random tags: #women #digitalart #alien #landscape

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