This was a doodle. I didn’t particularly have any goal in mind besides playing with lights off reflective surfaces, ye old, reflection in a reflection. It feeds into my love of light; and it turned out cool, so, I’m happy. Otherwise, tomorrow is another day in the work (to feed my body), art (to feedContinue reading “Reflections”

In Her Image

In the dim semi-darkness of a distant future dystopia, she worked dilligently on her art. ‘She’, because the Synthetic Equality Act of 2096 said so. She had watched them become more and more like her, losing themselves in the pursuit of perfection, modifying, enhancing, augmenting, until she could only see her reflecfion in their faces.Continue reading “In Her Image”

The Ruin

“Kle’itu led the #offworlder to what loosely translated in her language as ‘the #ruin of man’, or, as the strangers had mistranslated, ‘wealth of the people.’ Far out in the #desert it lay, where the mother-ground bleached herself before the twin suns. It was a ritual for the seed-carriers to survive the ancient #temple –Continue reading “The Ruin”