“She woke up, disoriented, confused. The last thing she remembered was driving down that dark country road, probably too fast, when the deer came out of nowhere. In that last moment, she recalled her body was not made to go through a windshield. Now, here she was, the floor was cold, wet, full of water. Picking herself up, she looked around, the strangeness of her surroundings hiding in the dim light. Her entire body hurt except her arm, it was strangely numb. She looked at it, and the panic set in, the unusual metal didn’t belong on a body. Then, from above, she heard movement. Looking up, she froze in terror as the alien being came into view, it’s limbs reaching for her. With a flash of blue light the alien finished its work, activating the cybernetics in the limb.”

There was a moral in there somewhere. Originally, this digital artwork started as a beach scene, but there’s too many of those. There’s not enough alien appreciation out there.

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