The Selfie

In all of humankind’s explorations and raging against the borders of the unknown, there has been one thing it has never been able able to resist – the selfie. From the first transistors that allowed us to capture our location for our aggrandizement on social media, it has also been our downfall. Many have gone over cliffs, bridges, retaining walls, and railings in pursuit of the ultimate presentation of self. But no one has gone as far as that person in 2162, who, after calculating the risks and minimizing the egregious lapse in judgement, took a deep breath, uncoupled their helmet, and took the ultimate selfie. The death report listed the cause as ‘suspicious’ but ‘definitely not a problem with the helmet locking mechanism.’

Note, I’m not impugning the ladies with this image, it could just as easily be a man, and more than likely would be. I just find women to be easier on the eyes as far as art is concerned.

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