This is a painting about wasting time with the wrong person over 18 years and realizing at the end of it all that there’s no chance to find that one true love – she’s a ghost, gone in the corridors of time – the chance has passed, everyone’s jaded, you’ve more memories buried than prospectsContinue reading “Regret”

Love’s Awakening

Lust is a mortal sin, I was told, as a lapsed Catholic in childhood. Indeed, the historical record is full of catastrophes resulting from the pursuit of the physical. But Love, L’amour, Liebe…. ah, now THAT has nothing to do with the physical at all. For it is the pursuit of ones spirit, or soul,Continue reading “Love’s Awakening”

She Loves Me Not

The idea for this digital art popped up around 2am, when my mind was playing out scenes of queerly anomalous and calamitous theatrics that awoke me from my prodigious sleep. I dare not expose my eyes at such an unholy hour to the preternatural light of a monitor to render such visions into artwork. So,Continue reading “She Loves Me Not”