Clash at Demon Head Tribute

I was watching the Black Sheep video on YouTube from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World and wanted to see if I could recreate the scene with the band Clash at Demon Head as fan art – it took way too long to do. So, background for the unfamiliar, the movie was a bomb but gained cult status, like most bombs do. It was based off a comic by Bryan O’Malley & launched the careers of many, but for this scene there are five, Brie Larson as Envy Adams (singer), Brandon Routh as Todd (the bassist) Tennessee Thomas as Lynette Guycott (the drummer), also Ellen Wong as Knives Chau dominates the crowd below with her blue hair. The plot would create a tl/dr post so I’ll skip that.


Someone will say, “that’s not a bass guitar, loser!” – you are correct, but then the song could not have become a hit by Metric (the real band) with only a drummer, bassist, and singer. Truth is it was sucking up way too much time as is for a doodle. Anyway, give the movie a watch if you’re looking for something to Netflix.


The video is here:

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