Inquisition Adjourned

I promise this is the last of the ‘based off stuff I’ve seen’ art – back to flowers and stuff this week in honor of spring. This was inspired by the movie “Coven of Sisters” (Netflix) wherein a band of women pull back power from a corrupt and unjust system. I won’t spoil it. This artwork is another version of that empowerment – I mean, wouldn’t it be great if someone could dig in the historical record and find a story of a clerical error (pun) allowing a woman to escape her captors and she goes off in the woods, forms a partisan brigade of other ‘witches’, and fights the Naz…. I mean the Inquisition. At a minimum that would make great fiction (idea credit please). Ambushes of caravans carrying witches to ‘trial’ or execution, a love angle, and pissed off popes – awesome 🙂 Has the Church even apologized for 40-100,000 people burned, hanged, or otherwise deprived of life and property?

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