What’s In the Book?!

I don’t have a title, so I’m channeling Brad Pitt in the movie ‘Seven’. So here we have a scene that wasn’t supposed to be. Originally, I was going to mix it with other artsy stuff, like filters, Chiaroscuro shading, consummate V’s *paragraph fades to Charlie Brown teacher-like droning*…

… And then I thought it pretty much stood on its own. So here is yet another non-blonde. Sorry, to those into Ingénues. She’s in the forest on a warm autumn day, her goth complimented by nature. A breeze moves her hair as she keeps the pages of her book pinned from the eagerness of the wind.

Goth in the Forest

But what’s in the book, our camera asks, zooming in on the subject. It may have visited the Psilocybin farm earlier in the shoot….

What’s in the Book?

Moving so as to not disturb our apex predator in her natural habitat, the camera peeks over her shoulder et voila!

Curiosity redeemed.

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