Most Lichen to Succeed

“Send Lichen Wildbone,” someone in the crowd yelled, and all the other Faery folk quickly agreed. “Cowards,” she mumbled, rising from her seat in the dark corner where she had been sipping potent nectar, the teacup clattering on the table, causing a hush to fall on the room. Moving through the crowd, many stepping back and lowering their eyes to not meet the powerful gaze of the one-eyed witch, Lichen arrived in front of the Mayor. “I will warn the giants of their crimes against the Earth Mother,” she whispered, snapping her fingers, her staff flying from its position by her former seat into her hands, “and will be back before the Solstice.” Abruptly she turned and left, the crowd breathing a collective sigh of relief. “Can she do it?,” someone asked the mayor. “I’ve no doubt, if anyone can, she is most Lichen to succeed.”

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