The Forest

I originally was going to use this as a background for a Halloween painting. Halloween has come and gone, and so I decided to let it stand on its own.  Most people don’t appreciate the woods, but every time I’m in nature, I feel that connection between man and the environment. So, while the painting may be boring in a media-filled, sound-byte ridden world, I think there’s a certain peace to it.

New techniques to be found in this? Linear painting, maybe? I’m mostly practicing things I’ve developed in the past.  The hardest part of art , in my opinion, is getting light right in the woods, as there are so many contrasting areas of light and dark colors. Throw in streaming sunlight and one is tempted to cast aside the brush and bow to nature’s perfection. This is an imperfect representation of that beauty.

18 x 24, acrylic on canvas. Part of the closet series.


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