Being Koi

This started as something else, then I had the idea to use crushed glass, self-leveling clear gel, other gels, and acrylic paint on canvas board. It really just came together as a pond with a Koi fish inside. 

Top Down View

I started with a base of deeper color, then laid the crushed glass, and held it in place with clear gel.

(Viewed at an angle)

The lillies were originally rocks but morphed into the former when I went away from a flowing river concept.

(Lilly closeup)

The lillies are made from gold and metallic colors, filled with clear gel, and dusted with a translucent white gel to represent reflection.

(Close up of Koi)

In full light, I’m sure that it will sparkle more.

11″ x 14″ and is currently available.

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