The interesting thing about this piece is it was accomplished with nothing but short horizontal strokes of the brush. I also limited myself to metallic paints. This limits choice to blue, green, purple, copper, bronze, gold and white; so lighting was also a challenge.

I’m happy with the painting, it’s a good first step into a style I would like to pursue for a while, but am really unhappy with the way this artwork presents itself on film.  If you are standing  near it, the natural light does really wonderful things that photographs can’t capture and the metallic feel is lost in the transfer to film.  I’ll have to invest in bettering my skills.

Majesty refers to the Lion and it’s place as the ‘King of the Animals.’  Even lounging in the grass of the Savannah, the lion exudes comfort in being the Apex Predator.  Conversely, humans are only a 2.2 on the 1-5 scale.  The fun fact is that we humans maintain our perch over the animals due to our rational thinking and technology.  Without these two things, we are grouped with the likes of pigs and sardines.

Anyway, this is 16″ x 20″ and is an #acrylic #painting on canvas.


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