The Skydragon

Irina Skydragon (Ирина дракон небесного) is the #character I’m playing in a #5e #dungeonsanddragons campaign. She’s a #kalashtar #celestial #warlock of ancient nobility – #skydragon because in Chinese mythology the greatest of the dragons is a celestial being, although she speaks with a Russian accent. When fresh out of #spells she uses a Yklwa (pronounced YICK-ul-wah) which is a short spear with a long blade or her 16 charisma to talk her way behind someone who is not so squishy.

Regarding process? I created her during the moments in between the #rpg and the close-up came later (this morning). I couldn’t #render her during the game last night because of an old computer and the video/audio feed of Roll20 (think Zoom for nerds) would not play well with a graphics hungry program. #new #utilitarian #art #portrait

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