Thomasin challenges Black Phillip to a game of #chess instead of signing his book. Neither win.

I guess it’s #fanart – @anyataylorjoy is in my top 5 actresses, mostly because of the #witch but also because the of quirky personality nuances beyond the beauty she brings to the The Queens Gambit

Eh, what else can I tell you about the process? Oh, this wasn’t a skin job (import a photo of a person and #render it to a model), it was actually a couple hours of staring at different photos and tweaking features (all 250 of them on the face) last night to get it right (just like old school #portrait #artists did). Of course, since I’ve never been good at realism, even with a brush, I couldn’t quite capture her. Mama Nature is definitely the best artist.

Black Phillip? I read an article where the director said Phil had the coolest garb when in human form, but the lighting in the movie (or lack of it) prevented the audience from seeing it. There are no pictures on the web of what he wore, and I also suck at modeling goats, so I improvised.

Haven’t seen the movie? Oh, here’s the trailer (or search for The Witch on YouTube – I wouldn’t click on just any link either (Cybersecurity plug):


#art #popculture #new

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