The genesis of this digital artwork is a couple things. First, I worked on it right after watching the Netflix documentary about Elisa Lam and the tragedy at the Cecil Hotel in L.A. This isn’t about her though, no connection, unless you want it to be a positive one. No cyber bullying, like what happened to Morbid. I’ve also done rooftop art scenes in the past, so it may be a theme of mine. Finally, the challenge was to make a realistic looking city without building all the city resources – which would tank my rig. I took the cheap way and created a 2D primitive with a city picture I found on Pinterest. The next challenge was to bring about a 3D feel, while getting the visual angles vis-a-vis the camera correct, and integrating the background with what’s going on in the foreground. After that hurdle, I had to get the ambient lighting of a rooftop correct. So, there’s the moon, the city below, the towers above with their red-lights, random rooftop lighting, etc., in order to bring it all together. Let me know what you think?

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