A Question of Limits

A legitimate comment sparked this post. I don’t know if the person was just being a social media denizen (where the goal is to tear down) or knew that I always create a scene for my art, with multiple angles worthy of expression to the lens, and decided to coax out another angle from me. You’ve succeeded my friend 🙂

What was the issue? The limits of a human arm twist. I thought initially that they may be right in their criticism, that human arms cannot twist as far as I’d shown in the original (below). But then, we are talking about athletes, whose bodies are far more limber than the average. We are talking of ice skating and performances, where in the end one wants the most striking pose. We are speaking of informal confirmation, where, as a 50-something with a dad-bod, I struck the same pose and found that the pose was possible. Finally, we are speaking of science, where the twist of the arm is just below the technical specification limits for the human form.

What I was attempting to show, was the final moment of a performance, where the artist, in this case an artist of the ice, is confident that she just nailed the greatest performance of her 500 year life (she’s a vampire), and it shows in her expression and body language.

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