What Happens Among Fey

So June is almost done. I’m sad and maybe a little depressed. June’s the best month, well, best month outside of Fall for Queer folk (as in LGBTQIA+), because nothing compares to Halloween season for us Q’s. Once July rolls in, there will be no more celebration of the qualities that make us human, e.g., love, caring for our fellows, friendship, connection, blah, blah. Of course, as pointed out by an ex-, I’m evil and responsible for the world’s problems, which hurt, but I’ll lean in. So here’s to EVIL you mother lovers! Live free, light up the night, and make them notice we’re here. Who’s they? No idea, it sounded good. I might have dipped too much in the rum. Yarrr, at least we own the seas. Here is some noise level (as in a billion artists uploading into the ether) art to celebrate.

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