Tying It All Together


I’m always practicing new techniques. This was an attempt at capturing the vision of running water through a forest.  The cool thing about practice, is that a piece can turn out horrendous, absolutely beautiful or somewhere in between, but it doesn’t matter.  I’ve already professed a love of nature, and have been trying to improve my ‘dabbing’ technique, which I developed last year in my spray-paint days, to capture the intense beauty that is Nature. I feel like I’m getting closer but am not yet there.

The water was challenging, in that I crafted it from the nether-regions of my brain, based on streams I have seen in the past.  I invite commentary and constructive criticism.  As with all of my work, except that which has already been snatched up, this is for sale, PM me if you are interested in owning this, or just come back here and see it whenever you want – as long as you are smiling, I’ve achieved my goal.

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