Night Light

Night Light is the first attempt to create the scene I was envisioning as a painting.  I realized too late, that I had made the street lamp too big relative to what I wanted to happen around it.  I would have needed a canvas three times the size to keep the perspective of what is in my head.  I therefore made the reluctant decision to leave it as is and start another canvas using the street light theme.

In the meantime, I hope you like the results of this one, as it has a few quirks to it.  Also, I hope you stick around for what will be the ultimate realization of the vision I have for the scene.

The scene here is reminiscent of what I see when I go for my evening walks.  I’m infatuated with light, and any unusual display of it will stop me in my tracks.  It’s kind of like “Shiny Object Syndrome”, only literally.  There’s a tree and street light combination on the corner of my block that inspired this painting.

This is 18″x24″, acrylic paint on canvas, April 27, 2017.

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