Let’s Talk Commissions

I do commission work. If you’ve got something in mind, need something big, different from my norm, etc., I will take on the job.

You’ll notice that my art generally is in the 16×20 or 18×24 range.  This is due to storage issues. I’ve done two bigger works, each at 30-something by forty-something (below), and have had to store them on my walls since there’s only so much space for keeping these paintings dry and temperature controlled. 

Unity, 2016

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t mind painting bigger canvases, but until I get my studio set up, slated for February 2018, I can only take commissions for bigger work.

Firefly, 2016 (A light-based, 3-D Painting / Sculpture)

So yeah, big canvases are not a problem. I use a formula to calculate the price, basically a base of the canvas size times hours invested, plus materials and the dreaded beast – shipping. 

If you are interested in having something painted, by all means contact me. If you have a reference picture that would be super-awesome. We can set up a conference call to discuss the work desired.

Note, my Achilles heel is doing realistic paintings of people. Animals? No problem. Concept or abstract art? Also, no problem. I will do portraits but can’t guarantee they will be spot on. Let’s go to the studio for a reference (below):

Now, granted this was painted two years ago when I was just starting (hopefully I’ve gotten better), but there are things I would do better/different now. Luckily, payment sort of fell through (they broke up), so I don’t feel bad about the work.

So actual portraits are a roll of the dice, enhanced portraits (kind of like Hollywood – based on actual people / events) are doable. Landscapes, flowers, animals, or abstract? The sky is the limit.

If you’re interested in hiring me to do commission work, send me an email using the contact form.

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