Lost Mews-ing

Channeling the Black Dog today, which is why this subject is dark.

The #painting is heavily influenced by two things: #Strangerthings the TV show (also #Strangerthings2) & H.P. #Lovecraft. I’m calling it ‘Lost #Mews-ings’ (after the #cat in the show)… at least until I pick a different title.

It’s not my best work, because a lot is lost between what I envision in my head and what appears on the canvas. I’m also using a Monet reference model again. Why? Monet is awesome, and I don’t have my pose-able figurines yet. They should be here after Christmas. Someday I should actually sketch these things out, then paint, but that’s part of the fun – brain to canvas.

Also, this started as a challenge to paint a flashlight beam. I don’t know if I achieved that. I’ll let you tell me.

#art #acrylic #horror #scifi #tentacle

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