Video of Recent Art

I’m truly sorry I’ve not done anything in the last couple of days. I’m working through proposals at work (to pay for my art!) and skin cancer to boot, but last night at 3ish, I made this video of recent art (going back to October (ish). I’ll get creative again soon! I kind of wantContinue reading “Video of Recent Art”

Girl with a Clever Hat

Yep, it started as yet another take on my favorite painting Twee tronijnen geschildert op sijn Turx by Vermeer aka Girl with a Turban aka Girl with a Pearl Earring. My original idea was to do something along the lines of “Call Girl with a Pearl Earring” but abandoned that idea early on. I alsoContinue reading “Girl with a Clever Hat”

Woman with Pearls

Woman with Pearls. #vermeer is my favorite #artist and #girl with a #pearl #earring is my favorite of his #artwork so I decided to update it for 21st century #america – I was hoping to get this #render done by 9, but didn’t count on my rig taking 4 hours to do it, so IContinue reading “Woman with Pearls”

Moving On

The painting is about ending one journey and beginning another. In this case, the woman is moving out; from a failed relationship, or something else – it’s all in the viewer’s mind.

Abstract Art “A Place at the Table”

(Click me, I get bigger) “A Place at the Table” was the result of several synergistic forces. My girlfriend and I had been discussing abstract art after visiting galleries in New York and Washington, DC. She suggested that I give it a try. The problem was that I didn’t have a subject. On an unrelatedContinue reading “Abstract Art “A Place at the Table””

Mixing the works of Vermeer, Friedrich, Cezanne, Munch and the Renaissance

I’ve been busy lately, but criminally have not updated my page. Here is the latest from me. The only one that I’ve named is entitled “The Storm”. I used the techniques of Vermeer, Erbst, Cezanne and my own to create the scene of a woman surprised by some ominous weather. The woman at the windowContinue reading “Mixing the works of Vermeer, Friedrich, Cezanne, Munch and the Renaissance”