The Resurrection of Self-Doubt

The body lay buried for many years, sunk in a swamp of tears and anxiety. She didn’t know why she left the warmth and safety of her present to find the remains of the buried past, yet here she was. As she crouched down in the damp sadness of the woods and nervously reached outContinue reading “The Resurrection of Self-Doubt”


Homecoming. This digital creation is for those that have lost loved ones in war. There’s a poppy / death / sunset connection. I realized after working on this that the pose of the woman is similar to another piece of artwork, so I need to review my catalog before rendering things. I didn’t Instagram itContinue reading “Homecoming”

Idle Hands (Part 2)

Idle Hands – Part 2. This was the figure in the background from part 1 yesterday. As I was zooming around the science fixing this and that, I was particularly intrigued and satisfied with this #portrait of #madness #evil and #possession by unholy forces. These forces were called up after a bored girl goes rootingContinue reading “Idle Hands (Part 2)”

Idle Hands (Part 1)

Idle Hands, part one of two. I watch a lot of #crime / #murder documentaries, as well as #horror movies… don’t worry, I’m perfectly normal. This #digital #artwork started as a scene I saw in this show about the Blackout Ripper in London during WW2, but I later watched a bad horror movie about aContinue reading “Idle Hands (Part 1)”

Watching the Sunset

Watching the #Sunset – adding another #digital #painting to the great Internet garbage patch, where the work all #artists who can’t get exposure go. Maybe it’s not that good, maybe it’s worth a breakthrough 10 likes. Anyway, it’s a woman with her #dragon but not that #woman or that dragon :). #art #new #digitalpainting #fantasyartContinue reading “Watching the Sunset”

Woman with Pearls

Woman with Pearls. #vermeer is my favorite #artist and #girl with a #pearl #earring is my favorite of his #artwork so I decided to update it for 21st century #america – I was hoping to get this #render done by 9, but didn’t count on my rig taking 4 hours to do it, so IContinue reading “Woman with Pearls”

Justice Unleashed

This #artwork is an encapsulation of the current events. Here we have #justice jumping down from her perch and diving into the fray, kicking ass in the name of #equality and #social #reform. The monsters represent #racism and #prejudice so it’s good they’re getting trounced. #digitalart #doodle #art #painting