Silent Agony

Men generally take the majority of credit for an #abusiverelationship but there is a silent group of men who are #survivors of not necessarily physical, but rather #mentally and #emotionally #abusive #relationships – this #artwork is a representation of what it’s like for these men. So, assuming you’re over the bad boy phase, if youContinue reading “Silent Agony”

Live Deliciously?

A reoccurring theme in my #artwork is temptation. This is a combination of a pose I saw in passing and one of my favorite movies, the #witch so I #created a take on the #temptation by #blackphillip – post rendering it was pixelated due to the the #lowlight and it was #dark so I hadContinue reading “Live Deliciously?”

Fresh Meat

They had days to go in their 15-month tour of duty on planet K in the Sanh system, a twin sun, jungle-world. They were there, ostensibly helping the natives fight the Slugs, a derisive name for an invasive, space-faring species from beyond the rim. The populated worlds had been told the fight was winnable, butContinue reading “Fresh Meat”

The Scream 1983

Today’s #doodle takes #edvardmunch ‘s The Scream and updates it to 1983. Why that year? It was the height of the Cold War and the closest the world came to #nuclear war with #Russia – but for the heroic actions of one man, Stanislav Petrov, who should be in everyone’s working memory. On 26 SeptemberContinue reading “The Scream 1983”

Callisto’s Secrets

The second largest #moon of #jupiter and the third largest moon in the solar system, #callisto is an ancient celestial body. She may contain at least two oceans under her surface. Tidally locked to her #jovian parent, seen in the background (an actual #nasa photograph), Callisto harbors one of the best chances for ancient life.Continue reading “Callisto’s Secrets”

Attila’s End

In the early spring of 453 AD, Attila, ruler of the #Huns was celebrating his latest marriage to the #gothic princess #Ildiko when he had a nosebleed and choked to death on his own blood. He may have had an esophageal rupture, an aneurism, or a genetic condition where a blood vessel weakens over timeContinue reading “Attila’s End”

Mother of Civilization

Around 12,000 years ago, while the men were out hunting dwindling big game, a #woman noticed that seeds from wild gatherings dumped on a trash pile began to grow. She took these seeds, planted & tended them, and soon had enough food to more than meet the tribes needs. This pivotal moment for #mankind allowedContinue reading “Mother of Civilization”

Untitled Egypt-like Thème

I don’t have a title for this, it’s simply an #egytian like theme involving a #beautiful #pharoah like ruler, maybe a candid shot of #Nefertiti if one stretches it and forgets all the fashion, culture, and standard icons of ancient Egypt (it’s #farby ). Maybe it can be representative of an Egyptian influenced outer stateContinue reading “Untitled Egypt-like Thème”

La Conquistadora

Men have often tried to conquer her, through the centuries risking war and #treasure to find her #eldorado , but Sierra Madre rarely gives her riches to these #conquistadores , as they often look in the wrong places. It leaves one wondering, who is really in control? So I wasn’t going to publish this, I’veContinue reading “La Conquistadora”

Crone’s Day Off

I was not really inspired again so I figured, what do evil #witches do on their day off? After all, they can’t be evil all the time, right? Taking inspiration from the end sequence of the the movie ‘The VVitch’, where they’re all flying around at night, only this time it’s during the day, because,Continue reading “Crone’s Day Off”