Fey Nightlife

Silly title, I’m at a loss. This is a continuation of my #Fairy / little people #artistic binge (it’s out of my system, I think). This is what happens to your #phone when you are asleep after a #night on the town. It’s why your #lighter (if you’re into that) is drained, your battery dead,Continue reading “Fey Nightlife”

Midnight Outside the Tavern

(Continued from yesterday) They are nocturnal,” Magnus thought as he watched the #seagulls while absently blowing #smoke rings. He had stepped out, mainly to get away from Amalia and her obsession with Rollo. He was a good fighter and a capable adventuring companion, but the darkness of the grudge was growing against him. “What doesContinue reading “Midnight Outside the Tavern”

Midnight in the Tavern

Rollo hated when the elf made him pose for the soul-stealer gem. For some reason, she liked hanging out with ogres, he in particular. He just wanted to drink, the tavern was good for that, even though it was full of dwarves and humans. “Smile!,” she chided, snapping him out of his musings. Her hairContinue reading “Midnight in the Tavern”