Monarch Sangria

It’s not my worst, there’s a couple I haven’t shown anyone. Still, I’m putting this one aside. I can’t think of how I can make it work, so I’m moving on.  On the positive side, I have done something for March; which has not been the greatest month for me. About it? It started asContinue reading “Monarch Sangria”

Moving On

The painting is about ending one journey and beginning another. In this case, the woman is moving out; from a failed relationship, or something else – it’s all in the viewer’s mind.

Moving Part of the Site

In April my contract for the hosting of the e-commerce wing of my site is going away. I was looking for a replacement, since WordPress doesn’t do e-commerce and settled on reactivating my Etsy site.  Art of Rob Medley I’ve included the link above for the Etsy store. Doing the math, it made more senseContinue reading “Moving Part of the Site”