Dreams of the 99 Percent

As we head towards a dystopian future where the rich 1% keep the rest of us (the 99%) fighting each other over political and social ideals, while they cart-off the peoples resources under the guise of public service – oh, wait, it’s already happening. Uh, okay then. I decided to get a little more grittyContinue reading “Dreams of the 99 Percent”

Noir Kitten

“In the gritty near #future of a #dystopian #fantasy world, Rag studied the holo-screens. He’d been hired to find this woman, he didn’t ask questions beyond what was needed to catch the #kitten – this would be an easy job for the grizzled private investigator.” – More #Digital #Art for my two fans (thank youContinue reading “Noir Kitten”

Operation Immortality

So I’m thinking of doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table book of my art – one year per book. 2020 has 131 digital paintings so far. Past years would follow. I’m thinking it would help me advance ‘Operation Immortality.’ What is Operation Immortality, you ask? Well, I’m not interested in making money off myContinue reading “Operation Immortality”

Girl with a Clever Hat

Yep, it started as yet another take on my favorite painting Twee tronijnen geschildert op sijn Turx by Vermeer aka Girl with a Turban aka Girl with a Pearl Earring. My original idea was to do something along the lines of “Call Girl with a Pearl Earring” but abandoned that idea early on. I alsoContinue reading “Girl with a Clever Hat”


Thomasin challenges Black Phillip to a game of #chess instead of signing his book. Neither win. I guess it’s #fanart – @anyataylorjoy is in my top 5 actresses, mostly because of the #witch but also because the of quirky personality nuances beyond the beauty she brings to the The Queens Gambit Eh, what else canContinue reading “Draw”

The Skydragon

Irina Skydragon (Ирина дракон небесного) is the #character I’m playing in a #5e #dungeonsanddragons campaign. She’s a #kalashtar #celestial #warlock of ancient nobility – #skydragon because in Chinese mythology the greatest of the dragons is a celestial being, although she speaks with a Russian accent. When fresh out of #spells she uses a Yklwa (pronouncedContinue reading “The Skydragon”


Ascension – Working title, okay, the title, because I’m lazy. What’s it mean? It’s a representation of time, sin, and absolution. If one can visualize that all time streams, past (a burning of an innocent), present (an exotic dancer), and future (I haven’t related the mech, it just looks futuristic) exist in the same spaceContinue reading “Ascension”

“Wait! What’s wrong with your eyes?”

TJ and Jimmy had been cruising all night looking for the means to their next high. As they crossed Southside and Lewis, into a dangerous area commonly referred to as the ‘hunting grounds’, due to the immense levels of crime in the area, they suddenly saw her. The snow-bunny, as they called white girls, wasContinue reading ““Wait! What’s wrong with your eyes?””

Гадюка “The Viper”

A walking cliché, Gadioka Vespalova, born in East Germany, educated in #Soviet #Russia and one of the best #assassins used by the #KGB in the #spy dances of the 20-21st Centuries. She’s bold, beautiful, scarred, and terrifying to meet when she walks up to do a job. Many think she’s dead, after the blast inContinue reading “Гадюка “The Viper””

And I Ran…

This #digital #art finished rendering sometime in the early morning. It’s based on the #flockofseagulls song that was bee-bopping around my head last night. We have a #woman running into the #sunrise or #sunset along with some #seagulls but unlike them, she couldn’t get away guitar solo, and bad pun – #new #seascape #artwork #beach