The Gilded Cage

So what’s it about. It’s kind of all contained in the title. Sometimes one can be surrounded by the trappings of wealth and power but still be utterly shattered. It’s not a defense of the rich, because (censored) them, its more about how one can be in a situation where, to an outsider, they shouldContinue reading “The Gilded Cage”

The Ghost of Rachel

She grew tired of the questions, her childhood, the overturned turtle. Who did this cop think he was? She was human, 100 percent. She was sure of it. He did not seem so sure, however. This is an homage to one of my favorite scenes in cinema, when Decker Interviews the Replicant Rachel in theContinue reading “The Ghost of Rachel”

Unexpected Guests

While quietly enjoying a drink, the pirate Captain is disturbed when an old foe walks in the tavern. This started as another modern model covergirl style artwork and quickly went pirate, because rum drinking, bacon eating, ship sailing, rough and tumble pirates are much more interesting than antiseptic salad eating models, right? I’m including twoContinue reading “Unexpected Guests”

Clever Girl

If I’ve used this title before, after all, there are over 300 of these, a little under 699 away from Van Gogh’s prolific-ness, then I’ll call it something like “Clever Girl, the series.” “But what does it all mean, Basil?,” as Austin Powers says. It’s a continuation of the warrior theme from yesterday. Missed thatContinue reading “Clever Girl”

The Price of Freedom

Eventually, we all have to decide what is worth fighting for. This started as your typical run-of-the-mill sun-kissed model posing on the beach scene, but quickly went dark, heavy, and introspective. There’s too many of the former, sorry. Now it’s uncomfortable history meets model on the beach. Maybe it’s impactful, maybe it does nothing, that’sContinue reading “The Price of Freedom”

She’s Got the Look

Some rando poses in a Graveyard because, Goth chicks. The first is actually the second… err… third because I couldn’t get her to look at the camera like those spooky paintings that follow you everywhere. The first, in this one she’s looking at the camera in a spooky way. Originally, this view was just toContinue reading “She’s Got the Look”

A Celebration of Máni

The moon is out. the Autumn winds whisper through the trees as most of the world is asleep in their beds. But in the wilds a celebration of the Moon, of Máni, the moon personified in Germanic Mythology, is underway around a small fire. His priestess is free of earthly woes as she crafts herContinue reading “A Celebration of Máni”

Pythia – Apollo Calling

It’s another boring Tuesday. Pythia, High Priestess of the Oracle of Delphi, is going about her daily rituals to a god she’s never actually seen or heard. Suddenly, a beam of light and booming voice take her by surprise. Apollo is calling. This is an attempt to capture that moment. Behind the scenes. I’ve aContinue reading “Pythia – Apollo Calling”

From the Deep

From the Deep – First, I assure you I am not disturbed in creating this. It’s about how life in the ocean does not want land creatures invading their space, and, how a school of Jellyfish see an out of place person, possibly in distress, and try to get her back to the surface, not knowing that surface dwellers cannot survive long in their world. It’s also about beauty in death, that natural end to our time on this rock.