Miami Spy Game

I channeled a little bit of an homage to one of my favorite artists, who pretty much sat atop 80’s pop culture – Patrick Nagel, and combined it with a little bit of the Cold War spy game theme, but set in the gaudiness of Miami Vice. She’s out of ammo and surprised in someContinue reading “Miami Spy Game”

Гадюка “The Viper”

A walking cliché, Gadioka Vespalova, born in East Germany, educated in #Soviet #Russia and one of the best #assassins used by the #KGB in the #spy dances of the 20-21st Centuries. She’s bold, beautiful, scarred, and terrifying to meet when she walks up to do a job. Many think she’s dead, after the blast inContinue reading “Гадюка “The Viper””