Abstract Art

As I post this, I have been on a viewing tour of the art museums in Baltimore and Washington DC.  Apparently, I was subconsciously impressed by what I saw in the abstract collections. I’ve done several works in the abstract vein as a result; drawing upon the likes of Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh and CézanneContinue reading “Abstract Art”

Abstract Art “A Place at the Table”

(Click me, I get bigger) “A Place at the Table” was the result of several synergistic forces. My girlfriend and I had been discussing abstract art after visiting galleries in New York and Washington, DC. She suggested that I give it a try. The problem was that I didn’t have a subject. On an unrelatedContinue reading “Abstract Art “A Place at the Table””

Mixing the works of Vermeer, Friedrich, Cezanne, Munch and the Renaissance

I’ve been busy lately, but criminally have not updated my page. Here is the latest from me. The only one that I’ve named is entitled “The Storm”. I used the techniques of Vermeer, Erbst, Cezanne and my own to create the scene of a woman surprised by some ominous weather. The woman at the windowContinue reading “Mixing the works of Vermeer, Friedrich, Cezanne, Munch and the Renaissance”