A Vespertilian Thing

She was no Mary Poppins. You felt it right away, there was something off about her, her elegance, how she smiled eerily at your vampire stuffed animal, ironically above you now – “Hold on,” your subconscious screams, “I’m not even old enough to know what irony is!” You begged them to hire anyone but her,Continue reading “A Vespertilian Thing”

The Doll

When your doll points to something behind you, be very, very afraid. Inspired of course by horror movies en Español. I may take a break. I feel like I’m repeating myself with modern angst. As much as I’ve prodded the bounds of the supernatural I’ve never seen it’s presence, which is kind of a shame;Continue reading “The Doll”

You, for the Long Night

I was inspired to do this by a lyric (e.g. the title) in a Russian song by Miata I was listening to as I stared at a blank canvas. A #vampire (she has fangs but her mouth open made her look odd) has been spending the small hours enjoying #nature with her Rook before theContinue reading “You, for the Long Night”

“Let Us Play“

Gracefully, like a cat after it’s prey, she glided about the darkened rooms. She could hear the beating of his heart and smell the richness of his blood; she knew exactly where he was hiding. As she walked around the ancient, magnificently carved dining table, she smiled. “There you are, Father,” she said gently, “Don’tContinue reading ““Let Us Play“”

Idle Hands (Part 1)

Idle Hands, part one of two. I watch a lot of #crime / #murder documentaries, as well as #horror movies… don’t worry, I’m perfectly normal. This #digital #artwork started as a scene I saw in this show about the Blackout Ripper in London during WW2, but I later watched a bad horror movie about aContinue reading “Idle Hands (Part 1)”

The Calm Before the Heresy

“The Calm Before the Heresy.” 18×24 #acrylic #painting on #canvas. $300 if interested, which is, mmm, $0.70 per square inch, plus $20 shipping CONUS. That’s a great deal. Prices are sure to shoot up the moment I’m discovered 🙂 I had the idea a couple weeks back, but it really wanted out of my headContinue reading “The Calm Before the Heresy”