“Wait! What’s wrong with your eyes?”

TJ and Jimmy had been cruising all night looking for the means to their next high. As they crossed Southside and Lewis, into a dangerous area commonly referred to as the ‘hunting grounds’, due to the immense levels of crime in the area, they suddenly saw her. The snow-bunny, as they called white girls, wasContinue reading ““Wait! What’s wrong with your eyes?””

Гадюка “The Viper”

A walking cliché, Gadioka Vespalova, born in East Germany, educated in #Soviet #Russia and one of the best #assassins used by the #KGB in the #spy dances of the 20-21st Centuries. She’s bold, beautiful, scarred, and terrifying to meet when she walks up to do a job. Many think she’s dead, after the blast inContinue reading “Гадюка “The Viper””

And I Ran…

This #digital #art finished rendering sometime in the early morning. It’s based on the #flockofseagulls song that was bee-bopping around my head last night. We have a #woman running into the #sunrise or #sunset along with some #seagulls but unlike them, she couldn’t get away guitar solo, and bad pun – #new #seascape #artwork #beach


Znamya had no interest in getting involved in the partisan wars raging through the once peaceful land. Traveller after traveller came and went, unable to convince the giant to intercede in the affairs of of the little people. He had retreated to the outer lands as reactionaries spilled into public squares, each accusing the otherContinue reading “Disinclination”

The Earth Mother

I channeled #caspardavidfriedrich to create this #bodyscape #artwork – it’s not my original concept, which was lost in a crash. It was #magical – Anywho, move on they say. Bodyscapes don’t require many assets but they put a huge load on the cpu and memory, especially with older rigs like mine. The #creation took longerContinue reading “The Earth Mother”

The Ruin

“Kle’itu led the #offworlder to what loosely translated in her language as ‘the #ruin of man’, or, as the strangers had mistranslated, ‘wealth of the people.’ Far out in the #desert it lay, where the mother-ground bleached herself before the twin suns. It was a ritual for the seed-carriers to survive the ancient #temple –Continue reading “The Ruin”